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Microsoft Enterprise Library Introduction

Microsoft Enterprise Library Introduction

Here I am learning about Microsoft Enterprise Library Introduction and noting down all the necessary points for this chapter. In Microsoft Enterprise Library there are several sections. However, Microsoft Enterprise Library Introduction is the first one that we need to understand to complete the whole part. Before I move into the other available chapters, I

How knowing Microsoft Lumia 730 issues and complaints can help you predict the future

Lumia 730 issues and problems

After taking over Nokia Mobile Smartphone division, Microsoft launched this beast in November 2014 and this is having some mixed reviews from the customers. Some are happy with the work and some are disappointed with the same old behavior of Microsoft that is keeping things to itself like the apps as they are not widely

Homer Simpson’s Guide To One Plus One Issues And Complaints

one plus one issues and complaints

One Plus One – Never Settle (The Flagship Killer) You might have heard this name if you are willing to buy any phone recently. This Android (Customized OS) device is the best running item in the market and people are falling for it because of the features it is providing. In short the company states it

Whatsapp Desktop Version On Demand – Users Need Not Use An Extra Tab To Access

Whatsapp Desktop Version On Demand

Nowadays Whatsapp has become a primary way of conversation. We use Whatsapp more than regular texting.The instant messenger app has stated that they are introducing a desktop app that helps the users to connect with their family and friends using their personal computer or mobile phone. So today we are talking about the desktop version