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Downfall of cryptocurrencies

Downfall Of Cryptocurrencies

People seeking alternative means of investment have warmed up to cryptocurrency these days and different types of investors prefer BitCoin over traditional means of investment like land and stocks. Cryptocurrency is slowly emerging as an alternative digital form for making transactions online or buying services and products. However, the unregulated nature of cryptocurrency sector is

Interesting Facts About Mobile Wallets in India

Interesting Facts About Mobile Wallets in India

There is no denying that in the recent times, the mobile wallets in India like Paytm, MobiKwik, and FreeCharge have gained impetus. Especially after the time of demonetization, the trend of using these mobile wallets in India have risen in multifold ways. Thus today we are going to talk a little bit about Interesting Facts About

Nokia Is Back in Business – APRIL 2018-19

Nokia is back in business

Gone are the days when people started thinking that Nokia is out of business. Now actually no matter what they have started making amazing phones which are going to help them grow in the phone business. It is also going to help the user base getting increased day by day eventually. With all the new

The Latest Tech Trends of 2019

Tech Trends

This year companies will make the switch towards common IT platforms so that they can respond to market changes more efficiently and effectively and moreover, by making this change, they will become more productive and will be able to make well-informed decisions. I am referring to tech trends in 2018. These common platforms are much