Google Chrome Eating RAM like a Super Computer

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James Lenfers

I did what you suggested and it helped allot.

I would drop by more but you young IT guys are over my head on allot of subjects. 30 years ago that was me.

Now, you want to hear something funny. I came here first on Edge and went to make this comment and I couldn’t finish it because it was hard drive swapping so much it was locking up my ability to finish the comment and hit the post button. Out of frustration I just finally hit the button to close Edge, but I copied the url so I could come back on Chrome and see what happens.

Well, Chrome has nailed your floating share buttons to the wall, is not locking up the ability to finish the comment and here is the hit post. Yay Chrome!

James Lenfers
Although it might seem a bit counterintuitive to someone with a website or many running ads, I don’t currently run any ads so I am not feeling to bad about this, but I you might say accidentally installed the ad blocker thinking, well, that is just built into Chrome, not realizing it was a app. And I find that thing just amazing from a user perspective, and sort of well, that kind of stinks by the fact I may someday run ads and yet I am blocking them. But the thing is, I just find articles I seriously want to read and some sites are just so jammed up with them you can barely read them, and trying to comment can seem like a all day project with all the ad rotations and resets. Your about read to post and bang, the post disappears. And for all the Ram Chrome… Read more »
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