Homer Simpson’s Guide To One Plus One Issues And Complaints

one plus one issues and complaints

One Plus One – Never Settle (The Flagship Killer) You might have heard this name if you are willing to buy any phone recently. This Android (Customized OS) device is the best running item in the market and people are falling for it because of the features it is providing. In short the company states it

How to Restrict access to Windows Administrative Tools


Windows offers a list of administrative tools to let users have full control over their computers and of course that is the reason Windows is so popular and again that is the reason Windows operating system’s performance is of low grade. These tools like Disk Cleanup, Event Viewer, Performance Monitor and many more are located

How To Speed Up Internet Explorer Performance

Speed Up Internet Explorer

Are you having performance issues with Internet Explorer? Are you wondering how to speed up internet explorer performance? Internet Explorer is the only browser which comes pre-installed in any Windows system, whether you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. I have heard several users complaining that Internet explorer is slow and hangs

How To Secure Your WiFi Wireless Network

How to secure your wifi network

The reason why we choose WiFi over cables are that we can use WiFi without any issues anywhere in the area without worrying more about the clutter of cables and everything. Should you have a smartphone and WiFi set up at your home, you are all set to go. All you have to do is

What Is The IP Address Of My Router

What is the ip address of my router

There are sometimes when you need to upgrade the firmware of your WiFi router or you find out that somebody else has known your password and using it for free, hence you want to create an even stronger password for your router then you need to know the IP address of your router to gain