Google chrome tricks and secrets 15 Amazing ones you should know


Are you using Google Chrome in your personal computer? Then I suggest you should read and actually use all the below mentioned awesome killer Google chrome tricks and secrets and using these I am sure your browsing experience will be much more interesting and amazing. I do follow all these while browsing and I hope

How to add RAM to a Laptop to speed up computer


One of the supreme ways to speed up the performance of an older laptop is by increasing its memory. Most of the time, the process of adding RAM to a laptop is little harder than changing a light bulb. But not every laptop is easy to upgrade, and some modern thin-and-light units can’t be upgraded at

How to make my PC faster for games


All computers eventually start to creak in their old age, they all work fine and just to let you know even if you do use all the latest hardware and everything eventually it is going to be slow. So here are some couple of tricks and tweaks which you can apply to make your computer

which phone is better windows or android


Which phone should I buy? This is one question that everyone thinks when we are going to buy a new phone and putting our hard-earned money on it. Well there is no exact answer to this question. which phone is better windows or android There are a lot of options available like android or iOS

How to change laptop hard drive

How to change laptop hard drive

Not before a long time ago, replacing any laptop’s hard drive literally meant packing up the system and shipping it back to its maker, or dropping it with a local repair shop. Either way, you’d have to live without your beloved computing companion for some time, and depending on who was doing the work, you’d

103 Google Chrome Tricks You Might Not Know


Here are 103 awesome features or google chrome tricks which will amaze you knowing that Google Chrome is what all about. The first 90 of them can be found HERE. Read and know the first 90 tricks. The chromium browser is simply awesome if you know how to use it and how to make the most