How to Easily Share Files Between Computers & Mobile phones

How to share files between your mobile and computer

Ya I know personally how tough it is to sync all the data and everything at one place and share files between each device within other. So the question is how to easily share files between computers and mobile devices. Check out here how to do it. So ur digital data – like files, photos, documents,

How To Send Large Files Over the Internet Without Email

how to share large files

 There are some times when you want to share some files with your friends, with your near and dear ones. If you have to share a large file with someone over the Internet, there are generally two options – you can either put the file in an email message as an attachment or, if the

How to Fake your Location in Google Chrome


Sometimes websites may request access to your location so that they can serve more relevant information. For instance, if you are looking for a gas station, a maps website may use your current geographic location to display stations that are near your place. How Browsers Determine your Location Earlier, websites would use the IP address

How To Block App Invites On Facebook

How to block application invites in facebook

Sick and tired of those annoying app or event invites? Here’s How To Block App Invites On Facebook once and for all. Facebook can be a great tool. You can use the social network to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and keep an online catalog of your life. There are also some downsides,

How To Increase Security Of Your Smartphone

how to increase security of your smartphone

1. Set a lock code So How To Increase Security we are talking about. So from email to texts, phone book entries, and pictures, your phone has lots of personal information that’s potentially accessible to prying eyes. Bottom line: if you take your phone out of your house, you should definitely use a lock code.

How to change date on digital pictures

How to change dates on digital pictures

Suppose you have just finished importing the videos and pictures from the digital camera to your laptop but realize that the media files are incorrectly time-stamped. Wondering what happened? Maybe the date and time settings of “point and shoot” camera were set incorrectly or maybe the digital camera was stamping the files with local time though the